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Calmar Land : Metropolis Lucena For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Astana (Single Attached) ₱ 3,960,096 78 sqm
Bella (Single Attached) ₱ 2,604,800 68 sqm
Clara (Single Attached) ₱ 2,740,000 78 sqm
Fiona (Bungalow) ₱ 3,014,200 66 sqm
Geia (Bungalow) ₱ 2,762,900 58 sqm
Jodie (2-Storey) ₱ 2,272,500 54.50 sqm
Modern Venize (2-Storey) ₱ 2,522,000 60 sqm

Living in a cramped space with your family and all of your belongings isn’t ideal at all. At the same time, owning a home that’s far away from the places you need to be can really lessen your motivation and productivity. To top it off, a residence within a community that’s not safe will make you worry all the time. Don’t allow all of these things to happen to you and your family by relocating to Metropolis Lucena.

For starters, a house and lot property in this residential development has everything you need for a healthy living experience. You have all the room you need within a community that’s safe from any criminal activity or natural disaster. Plus, you get to enjoy a wide range of amenities anytime you want.

Metropolis Lucena’s strategic and scenic location in the south is certainly a big plus for your lifestyle. The setting of this residential development carefully mixes an environment filled with natural wonders and a highly-developed urban area. Furthermore, every establishment that caters to your basic needs surround your home here in Metropolis Lucena.

You don’t know it yet but a home outside of Metro Manila can do wonders for you and your family. In this case, the best choice you have is to get a house and lot in Metropolis Lucena. Everything you need and want is already in this residential development. All it takes is a decision from you and your life can truly start the way you want.

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