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The Metropolis Lucena is located at Brgy. Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City, Quezon.

Waking to a view to a view full of infrastructure, people, and pollution isn’t really helpful to jumpstart our day. This view would only lessen our motivation to be productive in work or in school. On the other hand, waking up each morning to a view of endless fields of grass, numerous trees, and a scenic area that can’t be found in the metro will really inspire you to do better. This is what’s waiting for you when you move into Metropolis Lucena, and more.

One of the most developed cities down south, Lucena City is a place where the beauty of nature marries the best of an urban setting. In the middle of it all is Metropolis Lucena and its location in Brgy. Ibabang Dupay. This 4-hectare residential development won’t be a trouble to find. At the same time, any destination is accessible due to its close proximity to Maharlika Highway, Diversion Road, and the South Luzon Expressway. All of these main thoroughfares connect you to various parts of Lucena City with no trouble at all. You can also easily reach Metro Manila within 2 hours so you can take care of any business in the city. Plus, your home in Metropolis Lucena also serves as an accessible starting point if you plan to visit any province in the Bicol Region. Whatever your purpose may be, this residential development’s location will help you accomplish them.

In all of the things you do every day, you can be assured of a very convenient time in getting from one place to another. A lot of public transportation vehicles pass by Metropolis Lucena, giving you an opportunity to get your workplace or school on time. Furthermore, there are also various terminals and bus lines that travel to the metro and back. This ease of transportation will definitely be a boon to you and your lifestyle.

If you think your home in Metropolis Lucena will be far from any commercial center, you’re dead wrong. This residential development is surrounded by various establishments that provide your home with all of its basic necessities, Malls, like SM Lucena and Pacific Mall are just within striking distance of your residence. You won’t need to spend most of your time in traffic because these establishments are always there for your convenience.


You won’t have to worry about the quality of education here as well. When you move into Metropolis Lucena, you won’t run out of quality schools to choose for yourself or for your beloved children. These schools include Manuel S. Enverga University, St. Anne College, Sacred Heart College, and Lucena City College, among others. All of the educational institutions promise all the best for your kids, and even more.

Metro Manila isn’t the only choice when you’re looking for a new area to live in. In fact, Lucena City has a lot of opportunities that’s waiting to be discovered. One of those opportunities is a home in Metropolis Lucena. With a great community, accessibility to many places, and vital establishments surrounding this property, this residential development is definitely the best choice you can make.


  • SM Lucena – 900 Meters
  • Lucena City Proper – 1.2 KM
  • Lucena Grand Terminal – 1.5 KM
  • St. Anne Collage – 2 KM
  • Queen Margarette Hotel – 3 KM
  • Pacific Mall – 3 KM
Metropolis Lucena Location

How to get there:

Taking the National Highway diversion road from Lucena City  turn right at Metropolis Lucena or from Gomez St. “Bayan”  straight ahead to Brgy. Kanlurang Mayao and turn left at Executive Village.

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